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Meet our founder and CEO | Carl D. Jones

It all started November 2013, six years ago in Ohio at Cleveland Institute of Art. It was my Junior year of college and I was so tired of working for people and trying to get an internship at a graphic design firm or photography studio was just hard. No one wanted to hire me. So I decided to create my own business and be my own boss. Best feeling ever and I dove noise first straight in not looking back. I have learned first-hand that art must not only be a passion, but a way of life! From a very young age, I’ve always dreamt of the day that I’d be able to share my talent with the world. That dream became possible.

I made the decision to become my own boss and work hard towards helping others in need of quality graphics, stylish professional photos and video for their brand. Out of this, I was able to found my own company: HYPESTUDIO11.

The goal is to be one of the TOP multi-media firms with the best photography team, video production team, graphic design team, editing team and so much more. I hope some day HYPESTUDIO11 is as great as MARVEL AND DISNEY.


L.A. Based. Cleveland Raised.

HYPESTUDIO11 is a multimedia solution firm providing services in photography, videography, cinematography and graphic design.

We capture moments and help tell your story.
We highlight every subject and share every story flawlessly.    
We foster every idea and work with you to create.

We call this the “SFC” phase. Story telling flawlessly and creatively!

  1. We understand that in an increasingly competitive market, it is important to present a consistent and creative brand or message to promote viability, relevance, exclusivity and distinction.

  2. At HYPESTUDIO11, we strive to establish a deep connection with our clients, through great customer service, helping others in need of quality graphics and video and stylish professional photography for their brand.

We believe in the HYPE.