Logos & Illustrations

Top 3

Here's the final logo. 

Angela (Virginia Skate Connection)

I thank Angela for the opportunity to sketch and design her first logo for the skate club. She gave me full creative access to come up with something artist and my imagination didn't stop. 

Second Final Logo


Final Logo

Sean (Mars Rock Coalition)

I couldn't wait to start this project for Sean. He came to me with his idea and how he wanted his logo illustration to look. I loved it because he came prepared, and still gave me a lot of artistic freedom. Thanks for letting me design your logo. 

Style Sheet:


Final design

Mystic Goddess

This illustration logo design was extremely exciting. I couldn't wait to show it to my client. I knew she would love it. I thank her for give me the artistic freedom with this. She had the ideas and I have the hands to sketch it artistically.