HYPESTUDIO is a graphic design and photography firm that provides multimedia solutions for small businesses, non-profit organizations, models, fashion shows, special occasions, artist showcasing and other memorable moments.

Our vision is to bring the best out of our clients artistically by highlighting their most memorable moments. We seek to become a marketing & media firm for all art forms – promoting, highlighting, showcasing, encouraging & inspiring others to see the wonderful talent we have to offer. We're here to help build our city together, motivate our clients with great media and help bring profit to all small businesses. We also travel to different states and cities to help small businesses and models!


My name is Carl Jones, CEO of HYPESTUDIO. As far as I can remember, I have always had a connection to art. There was just something about the colors, the shapes and the movements of each piece that drew me in. After having my first real experience at Wells Creations at 14, I realized something. Art was more than just a fancy picture hanging on the wall, it was my passion.

During my time at Wells Creations, I was exposed to everything from graphic design, air brushing & painting, to screen printing. Moreover, it was also here that my interest in owning my own business was fostered. This early exposure into the arts would not only shape who I was, but who I would grow to become.

Now, 10 years later, I have my BFA in graphic design from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and I am the proud CEO of my own company. With HYPESTUDIO I wish to share my love and appreciation for art with the world. I can only look forward to a bright future with the company and highly anticipate the day when my work will inspire the lives of others.




What specific services do you provide?

We provide all graphic design services dealing with any stationary designs, and creative photographic art. These include, but are not limited to, fliers, programs, pamphlets, business cards, T-shirt designs, logo design, and CD/album covers.

Why are you in business?

The world is filled with various forms of talent, and sadly many do not have the resources they need to promote themselves successfully, or help accomplish their dreams & cross milestones/cherish moments. That's where we come in - our resources are affordable and unlimited, as ideas are unrestricted.

Ultimately, we are here to deliver high-quality photo and media solutions, when and how people need it, to get the best out of their moment or situation, no matter how small.

What makes HYPESTUDIO different from other companies?

We are truly here for our customers, with a strong interest in developing artists of all genres. We are a partner in the people’s eyes – a source to turn to. The more confidence we give them, the more confidence they place in us – and we all grow and succeed together!